The Party

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He wrapped her eyes in the blindfold as they stood at the door. He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, even when you can’t see me, I am here. Her nipples were erect and her pussy wet. On the drive over she asked him again if he was sure and he said yes. “

Yes, cupcake, I want to watch and enjoy your beauty. Finally it was time. She heard the door open and he removed her trench coat from her shoulders. She stood there naked except for her heels.
She was led inside and the night became a blur. Only able to feel and not see, she had no idea who it was that was kissing her and the sucking her. But now with her sight stolen, any hope of escape gone, exposed in a raw sexual way. He was taking her. His forceful hand holding her down. The feeling he might smother her if she’s not perfectly still. Dare she moan too loudly? Would it get to the point where she couldn’t help it? Her cunt tingled.

He had told of these secret get meetings. When she arrived she was blindfolded. She had no idea who the man was whose cock was thrusting inside her, but she could tell he was powerful, lustrous – and his length making her fucking melt. He’s done this before, numerous times. He knew how to fuck – and that in itself was a huge turn on. None of those pathetic little fucks she’d dated of late. This was without remorse, pure fucking lust – and that sensuous rocked through her.
When his hand struck her backside, she couldn’t help but scream. Delight? Pain? Shock? All of them. “Shut up”, he seethed and fucked her harder. She was used to dishing out the orders at work, but here she knew she should do as she was told.

She wondered where her lover was. If he was watching. There was a trust between them as lovers, very much unspoken, but the thought of him having a woman like her was divine. Perhaps another man had his cock buried in his mouth or his cock deep in a woman like her wet cunt. Perhaps he was doing something that was ever more deviant still.
She had no idea what was happening with the other people – but as she focused beyond her own boundaries she could hear their moans, cries, pleasures and screams of pain… and a realization that only he knew she was here. What if she couldn’t escape?

Each contrast tumbled and asked questions. Spoke of panic, of pleasure – and the cluster bomb of all these things coming together in just how fucking turned on she was. Enough to buck her hips back against her mysterious assailant to challenge him with language of her own. She begged him to hit her harder. Fucker her deeper. Cum all over her.
She heard him laugh with delight – and then take her with much more fervor matching her language with his. Taking her deeper as she surrendered to the idea that was once her vision and got closer and closer to climax. wondering as to just where he would choose to bury his cock and erupt in or all over her.

Her orgasm started and then she knew, her lover was near and was directing or watching. The assault on her cunt had stopped and the raw burning of her ass took on a new meaning. Her ass was the connection to her mind and her orgasm and now she was exploding. She pushed back onto his cock stretching her ass open deeper and wider. Each thrust was painfully deep, yet when he withdrew she cried out for more. The growl came loud as she felt his cum splatter deep inside her ass. She convulsed and her body stiffened as her own orgasm erupted again.
She awoke to find her head in her lovers lap. Not knowing how or how long she had been in this position. The blindfold was gone, but the memories of the night were fresh. The room was dimly lighted and she could hear others around her engaged in various sexual delights.

Shifting, she turned her head toward her lover and took his cock into her mouth. The taste of his cock covered in another woman’s cum made her greedy and wet at the same time. She began to suck to lick all of the juices off of his cock. Using her fingers, she parted his legs and pushed 3 fingers into his ass. The ease that they disappeared deeply and the cum covering her fingers told her that he had been fucked just as deeply as she had.

She smiled as she continued her cock worship knowing that later they would share the stories of the evening with each other.

HNT – a little relaxing before Steve sees my latest purchase

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Well i am so glad to be back – hope you enjoy my latest purchase

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Spring Fling

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Wow! It’s been a while. Because of the time of year and family obligations we sure have been negligent in our posting. We feel like we have not been entertaining our readers adequately. Here’s to a new and more regular beginning. We thank you for your patience.

Being the season it has been, finding time to meet has been a little tough to say the least. Sometimes the perfect time falls into our hands. That has not been the case lately.

Then on a gloomy Saturday morning I get my usual “good morning” text. The text that makes me smile ever single morning. A little chatting about our evenings before and we wait to hear what our spouses have planned for the day. Wait, wait.

As luck would have it we are both able to get away. I tell Steve to meet me at a place we have met before. He has a better idea. I am intrigued. Next text reads….meet me at the plant nursery. Wear a sundress. Nothing under.

Knowing time is short and also being excited for a little one on one time I grab my “lucky” sundress from the closet. Before stepping out the door I also put on my laciest, prettiest, boy shorts as well. Steve had said nothing else but I don’t always mind too well.

As I drive, the sky goes from gloomy to sun and back again.

I pull up and I can already see Steve walking and shopping. Mmmmm I gotta get me some of that I think. So hot with his little sporty workout shorts. A big hug for him and I and we walk and discuss the different plants as I try to pretend I am really caring at the moment. All I care about is tasting a hard cock and feeling it press hard and firm into my already wet pussy. I am still not sure exactly what the plan is. He asks for my panties and I oblige.

Strolling toward the back of the lot another hug while he presses himself into my body. And all the sudden I am aware of the plan. Steve takes a few steps back and pulls out his phone and asks me to bend over quickly and pull up my sundress. I do as asked and hear the snap of the camera phone. Hmmm I still haven’t seen that pic.

Looking around Steve grabs my waist and pulls me close and next thing I know his tongue is tickling my tonsils. He then placed his hands on my shoulders pushing down while unveiling that amazing cock I have grown to enjoy so. I kneel or well squat after all it has been raining. I lick the tip and watch it pulse. It grows even harder. My tongue circles the head. I lick the entire shaft from tip to as far as I can go with it still halfway in his pants. I am trusting Steve is keeping an eye out for anyone that could walk up although the exhibitionist in him makes me worry a little….. Still sucking, enjoying every second. Waiting for the taste of his pre-cum. His cock is as hard as I have ever had it. Those same hands pull me up and at the same time turn me around.

I raise my dress and bend over to a degree I think is sufficient and feel his hardness probing, looking for my pussy, following the wetness until he finds the spot. As he enters me it seems like tension that has been building for days is swept away. Apparently though I have not bent over enough. Steve pushes me down as I can already tell he’s just moments away from blowing me across the nursery. He thrusts rythmically as I push my ass against him with each turn. In my mind I am thinking Oh my God. We could be discovered at any moment and I don’t know about Steve but I am beyond a stopping point until I am done. My hand reaches for my pussy lips as I climb to my own orgasm. Rubbing around and around and then back and forth. Once in a while managing to massage Steve’s cock . In moments we both explode in our own orgasm. For me it was the kind that makes my legs shake for up to a half hour after. Love those.

He pulls my panties from his pocket and slips them into my hand and walks away. I walk to another secluded area and slip them back on one leg at a time. Halfway hoping someone is watching…snicker.

We meet up again and actually do some shopping as cum drips down my legs, mmmm warm. Just before leaving Steve asks where are my panties. I said I had used them to decorate one of the trees at the back of the lot. I’ll let him wonder for a little while…….wink.

Finding Richard. Should Steve be worried?

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Thought I would share an interesting story.  I little different from our usual tryst.

In an earlier post Steve had mentioned what he was originally looking for when we found each other. Someone to explore with.  Being a fairly late bloomer myself he made it his mission to introduce me to all kinds of new things.  So….I had a project of checking out our local what shall I call it?  Toy shop?  He suggested I take a field trip and check it out.  He specifically wanted me to purchase something for when he just wasn’t available at first it has become so much more.  Having never been to a place like this before I felt a little weird as I entered.  It wasn’t long though before I just wasn’t believing all of the different things available for the sole reason of pleasure.  I was amazed.  I had been missing out on so much!

As I browsed I found exactly what Steve told me I should look for.  Enter Richard. ( and enjoy my play on words).  Richard is about eight inches long and made of a flesh colored material and has the veins of a real penis.  The girth of Richard would make any porn star jealous.  Yes I think he and I will get along famously.

In case you wanted a real picture !!







Just a minute after my find I get a phone call.  The notification on my phone says “boy toy”  so well you know it was Steve.  Hello I say and he asks where I am. I tell him and he says I’ll be right there.  It’s no more than 10 minutes and he walks in the door like he’s probably done several times before.  We browse and he’s patient as I ask what’s this for and what does this do?  I think there was at least one thing he didn’t even understand.  I show him Richard as we continue to browse and we end up at the “special glass case” near the front.  Beautifully packaged items call Lunas.  I was intrigued.  Steve would be making this purchase and send them home with me.   If you want to know more about them read how to use them here

Leaving  my new-found favorite store we climb into Steve’s car and he explains the Lunas in between kisses.  Not sure who was smiling more.  A quick-lunch, and I know what your thinking but it really was lunch…..  and he’s off to work and I’m off to test the toys.  Someone has to do the dirty work!  Little did I know there are a plethora of ways Richard can make things fun.


I got home and took “Richard” right out of the package and made sure that he was a perfect fit for me….. He’ll become a part of our exploring to come.

The next day I couldn’t help but return.  Actually that place is toy overload. It was hard to make a decision. Ended up leaving with just a swimsuit but I am sure I will be back in no time!

Have you had enough of me. Wouldn’t you ladies like to see Steve? Happy HNT!

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TOUCHDOWN – Superbowl part III

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Well if you have been reading, well you know us by now.  Our time together can be rushed at times but today, well today we were looking forward to round three.

I somehow ended up lying on the living room floor getting over round two.  I see Steve get up and return with his glass of wine.  He leans down just a bit and tips the wine glass ever so slightly and I have just enough time to open my mouth as he pours it through the air and it lands perfectly on my tongue.  Not a sip, he pours almost the entire glass.  He hasn’t bothered to return to any of his clothes so the sight of him standing there catering to me makes me a little excited once again.

Lying next to me after a while my hands run from one shoulder to the next, lightly scratching as I go with my fingernails.  I like to kiss necks as well as have mine kissed so Steve gets an ample amount of wet, hot, sucking kisses right where his neck meets his shoulder.  I am sure I hear a brief moan at one point as I looked to find his eyes closed enjoying the moment.

I place one hand on each inner thigh and scratch my way up from his knee to his already hard as a rock cock.  Licking my way up and down his body at times I see it pulsing as if wanting to be touch and buried in my warm and wet pussy which by the way is pulsing itself.

Steve all at once takes over again and lifts me so his mouth meets my breast and I watch as he circles my nipple again and again which only makes me wetter and increases the anticipation to when He will fill my cunt with cum ….or will he?

He rises and takes my hand and sits relaxed in the large lounge chair just behind us.  It’s a chair that is usually occupied by someone else in the house, and seeing him sitting there makes me realize that I am really his and am ready for all that he wants.

What a sight he is.  Broad shoulders, amazing muscular legs, and everything in between is just as nice.  Honestly, where did I find this guy?  He leans back and pulls me toward him and I waste no time straddling him as I take him completely inside and begin to grind his cock as deep as I possibly can getting turned on not only my his cock inside me but by my pussy lips on his skin.  I can see the fact that my tits are bouncing up and down in front of his face is turning him on too.  I can’t stop, this just feels too good.  The speed intensifies and then slows and then intensifies again.  With every stroke he feels harder and I feel wetter.  I can feel that tingle that lets me know in just seconds I will gush cum all over Steve and he knows it too and he guides my hips with his hands assisting me until I am on the edge and my back is arching, my breath is quickening, and in that moment I am sure Steve is drenched.  He lets me catch my breath and lifts me slightly and guides his cock into my ass with a sheepish little grin.  Oh this man is large and hard.  It takes just a bit for me to open for him fully but soon I have him inside, deep.  He uses the rocking motion of the chair to assist our movements.  I open more with each motion.  I lift at the knees and slowly and steadily thrust him in and out as I watch his face looking for that moan, or breath that tells me he’s ready to blow me into the ceiling like I love.

While I am watching his face, I am overtaken by an experience that has never happened before!!  I explode with an orgasm while Steve is deep and I do mean deep in my ass.  I hear myself cry out, “Oh God, that orgasm came from your fucking my ass!!”

Steve just grins and says I told you so!!  It was nearly 2 years ago, that I felt the press of his cockhead against my virgin ass and wondered how was I going to experience this without being torn apart.  He was gentle then and took his time, telling me that I would come to love having my ass fucked.  He is right, I do love the feeling of when he enters me and the mixture of pain and pleasure show up and slowly grows into an incredible feeling.  What I love best is I can feel his cock grow and expand and I know when his orgasm is about to flood my ass with cum.  Which is what I was feeling as my orgasm exploded.

Steve grabbed my waist and began to press me down further on his cock driving himself deeper into my ass and then I heard the growl of his orgasm and the explosion of heat rip into my ass.  OH, the feeling is like no other.

I collapsed forward and just laid across him.  Slowly we untangled and I took him by the hand to the bed.  It was now going to be my turn to please him.



We are back

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Sorry for the brief interruption – needed to work out some kinks – well not those type of kinks –  we have been having some fun – take a look……….



We are back and will bring you up to date as soon as we have some time to write!!

What about  – well there was the afternoon at the hotel with another couple and I think I am going to be having what every woman dreams about and just won’t let happen – 2 men and me…………